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September 2022 MLS Statistical Report

At first glance, real estate statistics appeared to decline in September 2022. However, there are still some great statistics that prove real estate is still going well in the Outer Banks.

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August MLS Statistical Report

The real estate market continued to slow down a bit in August on multiple fronts. This is normal for this time of year due to reduced access to homes during the busy visitor season.

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June MLS Statistical Report

Sales declined in June compared to last month, but MLS Director Dan Sutherland theorizes that the decline is most likely due to a seasonal decline versus a downturn in the market.

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May MLS Statistical Report

2022 year-to-date sales for all property has declined slightly for the last three months and year-to-date sales are down 19% when compared to May of 2021.

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March MLS Statistics

With low inventory and interest rates creeping up, the market appears to be cooling off a tiny bit. However, regardless of the slight decline compared to this time in 2021, real estate is still breaking records.

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February MLS Statistics

Real estate is still strong on the Outer Banks. While sales were down in February 2022 when compared to February 2021, total volume sold was up 14% (commercial was up 218% due to two large sales).

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