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State and National Dues

By tomorrow afternoon you will see your 2024 annual state and national dues invoice in the amount of $411 posted to your account and ready for payment.  They are due by January 8th.  Both NCR and NAR have increased dues for the 2024 year.  NAR dues will increase $6 to $201/member.

NCR has increased their dues by $25 to $210/member. This accounts for a $10 increase for operations based on many cost increases in the past year. The other $15 is for Neighbors Helping North Carolina (formerly the Property Rights Fund) to allow targeted, positive campaigns for local and state candidates who support pathways to the American dream of homeownership.

There is an option to invest in RPAC on your invoice. Remember that if you choose to invest it must be with a PERSONAL check or credit card.

Please note: The amount that is due by January 8, 2024 is for the State and National Association ONLY. OBAR does not bill for local dues until July. OBAR will NOT be increasing dues in 2024 thanks in part to the support of our Community Partners.


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