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FOREWARN Compliance

The FOREWARN App is a SAFETY ONLY member benefit provided by OBAR.  When you sign up for the app, you agree to comply with their rules. It is not a means to update your contact lists, or to look up celebrities and your fellow REALTORS®.  OBAR and FOREWARN takes this very seriously.

If FOREWARN finds you using the app inappropriately, your account will be deactivated.

Please note that you must limit your FOREWARN searches to professional uses only. FOREWARN activity is actively monitored (search terms and volume) to ensure proper use by our Subscribers as outlined in the Subscriber Agreement and the FOREWARN Terms and Conditions.  FOREWARN is a powerful tool intended only for the increased safety and efficiency of your business. Proper use of the service by real estate professionals ensures that we can continue to provide this valuable tool to the industry.


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