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September is REALTOR®  Safety Month

September is REALTOR® Safety Month.  On the heels of our GMM last week that included valuable information about scams and how to detect them, report them, and move forward from Dare County Officers Kevin Duprey and Doug Oberbeck, and NCREC Chairman Jeff Malarney, Captain Duprey has shared a brochure about identifying scams called "Seller Identity Must Precede Literally Everything", otherwise known as "S.I.M.P.L.E"  The brochure has several tips on how to identify scams including numerous red flags.  Please download and review this brochure the next time you are contacted by a potential seller.  And don't forget to use OBAR's FREE member benefit, the FOREWARN app, to research the potential sellers background, financial history, and more!

Click to View the Brochure.


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