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How to Sign Up for FOREWARN and Prevent Scams

In the past 6 months, the Association has been notified of numerous scams involving Craigslist, Zillow,, vacant lots, rentals, fraudulent documents, etc.  The best way to combat these scams is to sign up for FOREWARN, an OBAR REALTOR® FREE member benefit.  Easily check background information, addresses, phone numbers, and more.  Heads up-if a number comes up as “NO RECORD FOUND”, more than likely it is a burner phone and part of some scam.  When in doubt –trust your gut!

Setting Up Your Complimentary FOREWARN Account

Click here and enter your email address when prompted to do so (be sure to use the same email address that this email was sent to as it will serve as your FOREWARN ‘Username’), and follow the directions.  If you cannot find your email, then you need to contact OBAR.


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