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2022 Fall CE Open for Registration

The Education Committee, chaired by Jean-Paul Peron has been busy working on scheduling fan-favorite instructors and continuing education courses for the rest of the year.  Here is a look at OBAR's CE opportunities for the fall 2022 season.  And remember, OBAR offers the lowest price around for CE as a member benefit!

Mark Saunders via zoom
Sept 27:  GENUP – 9:00A-1:00P
Sept 28: BICUP* – 9:00A-1:00P
Sept 29: Elective, “Technology Update” –  9:00A-1:00P
$35/member or $50/non member

George Bell at Veteran's Hall, COA
Oct 19: GENUP – 1:30-5:30P
Oct 20: BICUP* – 8:30A-12:30P
Oct 20:  Elective, “Btwn the Lines: Insights from the Real Estate Bulletin” – 1:30-5:30P
$35/member or $50/non member

Mark Given at Comfort Inn, KDH
Dec 7:  GENUP – 1:30-5:30P
Dec 8:  BICUP* – 8:30A-12:30P
Dec 8:  Elective, “Agency v Procuring Cause and the REALTOR® Ethics – 1:30-5:30P  (Satisfies CoE)
$35/member or $50/non member

*Please note: You must be a Broker-in-Charge or BIC Eligible to take the BICUP.  All other licensees must take the GENUP course.

Click Here to Register for Any of These Classes.


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