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Important Flood Zone Information

No Flood Insurance Required Does Not Mean No Flood Risk

Many Dare County properties will be moving into lower risk flood zones when the 2020 Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) becomes effective on June 19, 2020. OBAR felt it imperative to educate Dare County homeowners about the importance of maintaining flood insurance policies regardless of flood zone category.

After consulting with Dare County officials, local surveyors, and residential construction professionals, it was determined that the 2020 FIRM critically underrepresents area flood risk compared to the 2006 FIRM. While flood insurance may no longer be required for some, that does not mean they are no longer at risk for flooding, thus the critical importance of educating local homeowners.

OBAR GAD Porter Graham secured a grant from the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance (NCHA) and created a mailer that is being sent to 12,320 Dare County homeowners. This educational mailer explains the importance of homeowners maintaining flood insurance coverage despite reductions in flood risk indicated by the 2020 FIRM.


Additional copies are available at OBAR.

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